Rushi Millns – Conservative candidate


Rushi grew up in a small village where her father owned the local restaurant, which they lived above, and went to her local comprehensive school. She was the first in her family to go to university.

After graduating, she started working in the technology industry where she has worked for a large international company and small businesses, on international and local projects as a solutions architect.

She enjoyed a successful career in the fast paced world of Telecoms and the Internet, where she learnt the ability to adapt and think flexibly.

Following the birth of her children, Rushi retrained and became a Computer Science teacher and is currently the Head of ICT and Director of Careers and Outreach at a local girls school.

She has also set up and runs a highly successful Speaker programme aimed at supporting students in local schools to explore different careers and network with professionals.

Rushi believes in the core Conservative values of social mobility through education and training; low tax; competition; and responsibility to our community and country.


Rushi heads up the Conservative Women Organisation Digital strategy and is a member of the CWO National Executive.

She is also the Women’s Officer for the Maidenhead Conservative Association and an executive member of the Windsor Conservative Association.