October members meeting

This month’s meeting focused on Young Conservatives and discussed the future of the Conservative Party nationally and locally. As well as being active members of our local association our younger members can also be part of the Young Conservatives group based at Liverpool University.

We also discussed the latest twists and turns of Brexit, the new deal our Prime Minister succeeded in negotiating with the EU and the implications for us post Brexit to become a more global nation as well as the potential pressures on our Union.

We reviewed our party conference and the different types of activity at conference. There is the main stage with the big set piece events, the multitude of fringe events and the training sessions for party activists. At any one time there were up to ten activities going on in parallel, some of which were heavily over subscribed.

To attend our party conference members need to have been a member for at least six months and have a reference from the chairman of their association.

More information can be found in the members area https://knowsleyconservatives.org.uk/community/

To be a part of Knowsley Conservatives you can join at https://www.conservatives.com/join

Our November meeting will focus on preparations for the next General Election.