Economy – Conservatives back businesses

Hi, I’m Rushi Millns, your Conservative candidate for Knowsley.
This is the centre of the Knowsley Industrial Estate with lots of well known businesses such as QVC behind me and Matalan over there.
Under the Conservatives, we’ve seen a growing economy, with rising wages and unemployment at a historic low, but we must do more to realise the benefits of Brexit.
That’s why the Conservative continue to back businesses with lower taxes, better infrastructure and strike new post-Brexit free trade deals around the world to create more opportunities here at home.
This will mean that we can continue to create more higher paying jobs, fund the services on which we all rely and get Britain back on the road to a brighter future.

Hi, I’m Rushi Millns, your Conservative candidate for Knowsley.
By getting Brexit done we can revitalise our economy and focus on things that matter, like getting our high streets back up and running.

Rushi Millns visits local factory to discuss Brexit Proofing Manufacturing.

Victoria Smart, whose factory Rushi visited, has previously written an article for the Conservative Home website on Manufacturing and Brexit.

Victoria Smart: The story of a banker, an industrialist, and Brexit