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Get Brexit Done - Vote Rushi Millns

“If elected with a majority Government on December 12th we will Get Brexit Done, introducing legislation on Day 1 of a new Parliament, and we will be out of the EU by the end of January putting this delay, confusion, and chaos behind us. Rushi has always respected the result of the referendum and will join me in getting Brexit done at every opportunity.”

The vote to leave the EU was a vote for change. But nothing has changed since.

We are still arguing about Brexit because the 2017 election created a Parliament where nobody was incharge–creating gridlock, delay, and confusion.

And that has meant the REAL issues that make a difference to voters’ lives–being able to get an appointment to see a GP, feeling safe when walking home, making ends meet at the end of the month–have all been ignored.

This election is a choice between real change or more of the same.

At this election voters must choose between the certainty that a majority government brings; or a hung Parliament bringing more of the same confusion, indecision, and arguments we have put up with for the last three years.

With a Conservative majority government you can be sure that on day one of a new Parliament we will start the process to Get Brexit Done with the New Deal that the Prime Minister has already agreed with the EU and we will be out of the EU no later than the end of January 2020. It will give businesses and families the economic certainty they need to plan for the future with confidence.

And when Brexit is done and dusted, we will get on and bring the change that people voted for improving local high streets and bus services, creating more GP appointments, investing money in schools, introducing an Australian-style points-based immigration system, putting more police on the streets, and keeping our economy strong. This is the better future that is there for Britain.

In a hung Parliament the only thing you can be sure of is more of the same–more going round in circles arguing over Brexit, maybe with a renegotiation or maybe a second referendum–and more of the same confusion and indecision that have plagued the last three years. And still no focus and no change on the real issues that matter, and further economic uncertainty for businesses and families.Only the Conservatives can win a functioning majority government–they only need to win nine more seats than they did at the last election to unblock Parliament and get it working again.

A vote for anyone else will just create another hung Parliament

The Liberal Democrats won just 12 seats at the last election and would need to win another 314 to be inpower. And as they have ruled going into coalition with the Conservatives, a Lib Dem vote either means Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister or another gridlocked Parliament that doesn’t work.

A vote for the Brexit Party risks letting a Remain-backing Lib Dem or Labour candidate win–and that means one less seat for the Conservatives to Get Brexit Done–creating another gridlocked hung Parliament that doesn’t work.

The Labour Party can’t win a majority under Jeremy Corbyn but he could still become Prime Minister with the help of the Lib Dems and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP–meaning yet more confusion and delay while they argue about what to do on Brexit–and economic disaster for Britain due to their extreme policies we all will pay for. And the price of Sturgeon’s support–another independence referendum in Scotland with yet more politicians arguing.

So on 12 December, reject more of the same confusion, delay and indecision we are all sick of.

Back Boris and vote Conservative to get a majority government that will Get Brexit Done with a deal, and get Parliament working on the real issues that will create a stronger, better future for Britain.